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Isabella Morrill, born & raised on the stormy coast of Oregon, is a composer and arranger specializing in wind ensemble and concert band music, film, and orchestral scores. Her music is most often dramatic & solemn, and her goal is to bring rich tangibility those who listen to her compositions. She is a dual citizen of the USA and Finland, and one of her great joys is to tie her Scandinavian heritage closely into her music.

In the fall of 2019, Isabella was titled co-champion of the Oregon Music Education Association's Composition Contest with her orchestral piece Hymn to the Rain. This piece went on to be performed by the Columbia River Symphony in Astoria, Oregon & led to her gaining a commission through the Newport Youth Composer Symposium. This symposium led her to work with Dr. Dana Reason and Michael Dalton in her composition training. She is a recipient of the Oregon Music Hall of Fame scholarship as well as the Finlandia Foundation Scholarship as a composer.

Isabella attends Western Oregon University on scholarship as a composition major in her junior year, studying under Dr. Kevin Walczyk. She works there as the Resident Composer, writing and arranging for the Western Oregon Wind Ensemble. During both her freshman and sophomore years, she was named outstanding under-graduate composer in Walczyk's studio. She also was commissioned by the Portland Youth Philharmonic through the Youth Orchestra Commissioning Initiative in 2021. Her commissioned piece, Bartokian Brass, was performed in June of the same year by the brass ensemble of the PYP. Through this, she has gained statewide recognition as an up-and-coming composer in the concert band world.

In 2021, Isabella was chosen to be a part of a Dave Metzger Masterclass and present a film score she had written. Metzger, a well-renowned composer & orchestrator who works closely with Disney studios, has had close ties with Walczyk, leading Isabella to this opportunity. 

Her sophomore year led to a commissioned band work from Washington High School in Tacoma, as well as a commissioned work from Chief Umtuch Middle School in Battleground. Since then, Isabella has been focusing on writing for band and wind ensemble.

Alongside these accomplishments, Isabella has arranged and composed smaller works for a various number of clients. Morrill also is a horn player and has played in professional groups across the Northwest. She has also spent six years as a worship leader (piano, guitar, drum kit, vocals) at Coastline Christian Fellowship & Calvary Corvallis. During this time, she has written numerous songs, both religious & secular. She has also been performing on the piano at restaurants, country clubs, and at many events in Astoria for four years. 



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